Modern Marvels taken for Granted: Showers

The history of the world is practically the history of the advent and development of technology. This should come as no surprise. Just look around you. It is all about the emergence of science and its triumph over superstition. As such, it has led the way to our modern world with all its gadgets and devices that make life easier. Yes, there are steam engines, trains, plains, skyscrapers, and cars. These were the big-time inventions. But there are also electronic things to which we listen and look, and practical things like showers and tubs.

We really take everything in our paths for granted. Our lives are full of whatnots that aid the chore of living. We cook, clean, take care of ourselves, and help others—all with the use of the marvels of technology. They are ubiquitous and go unnoticed. We seldom give a thought to something as mundane as a shower, for example. It is here, there, and everywhere. Ok, sometimes we need a new shower head to replace the old splatterer. Then we look online for all the great new models that regulate just the right flow and also provide a welcome, invigorating massage. Otherwise, it is all part of oblivion.

Speaking of showers, bathing and hygiene have come a long way baby over the centuries. From sponge bathing and loads of perfume in the olden days to mask odor, we are in a new world of luxury and pampering. Things go in and out of fashion, but showers will surely never find a replacement. They are part and parcel of our culture in which cleanliness is next to godliness. You might say that it is ingrained. What is better than a vigorous display of jetting water to soothe our weary backs! Science may improve it a bit, but the basic pleasure principle will always remain the same.

Hygiene is part of every society, primitive to modern, at least to some extent (such as bathing in the local river). In modern times, it has a big priority in one’s daily regimen. It is at the top of most people’s lists. You wouldn’t think of going for more than a day or two without a shower or a bath. Plus, you can avail yourself of wonderful amenities like soap on a rope, scented cleansing bars, and healthful lathers. Many like to indulge in hour long rituals, especially if they do not live in drought areas like arid California. Think of an enclosed space filled with soothing steam and droplets of dew on a slick glass door. Think of wandering off into a dreamlike la la land of peace and bliss. A shower is a panacea for everything. It should be embraced with glee.

Along these lines, showers are a solo experience but they can be a romantic haven for two. Newly weds listen up! Dual head showers are in abundance in newly constructed homes. People like communal bathing as in the days of yore. Plus, science has given us waterproof radios and CD players to make the water onslaught that much better. You can cuddle under the tepid flow, dance a bit to your favorite tune, and croon away in a kind of shower karaoke.

Showers thus rank high in the hierarchy of hygiene practice. They are actually preferred by most. You can’t do sitting in a tub what you can do standing. Plus, as they say, in tubs you are immersed in dirty water. Agh! Showers are thus the mode of perfect cleanliness par excellence. If you have one or two at home, consider an upgrade in at least one to make it special. New tile can add sparkle and dimension to the experience. A built in soap dish is a treat. A pebble floor is the latest in new installation and cartridges for soft water are de rigueur.

All in all, your shower is your haven from tension and anxiety—a masterful means of escape. It is a place to relax and get away from it all. Why on earth do we take this for granted? We ought to dwell in poetic terms on the benefits to be obtained: “Ode to my Shower” or “Beads of Water Gush.” Kidding aside, a shower is special yet mundane; it is a necessity and a pleasure. It is a two-sided temptation and a multi-pronged asset. You can get clean, rid your mind of ill-conceived thoughts, and relish your water wonder. Who knew such a simple device could be so appealing!