About Science Parks


Science parks are not museums, despite what their name seems to imply. They are not centers that are devoted to educating the public. They are research centers that are devoted to innovation. They produce the sorts of innovations that museums will discuss at later dates.

Science parks are not so different from modern research universities. In fact, they influenced their development in many ways. However, it is easier for entrepreneurs, businesses, government officials, and scientists to collaborate in the science park environment. It is also easier for researchers in general to collaborate in this sort of environment, which can make all the difference in terms of the amount of progress that they make.

It should be noted that many modern research universities, and modern universities in general, scarcely resemble a community of intellectuals sharing ideas. There is too much competition in these environments, and too many people devoted to their own private areas of study. The science park environment is very different.

Researchers are expected to collaborate, and they are expected to share ideas in a way that might even be risky in a conventional academic environment. This is an environment that is much more conducive to innovation in many ways. Cooperation tends to lead to better results than cutthroat competition usually does.