Stay Better Prepared With this Innovation

In this day and age, who doesn’t belief in technological innovation. We bow before it like some faceless digital god. We expect change at every turn and wait patiently for the next model of just about anything to come out. Such innovation has changed the face of the world in myriad ways. Okay, houses and cars look the same. Okay, airplanes are not that different in design. Yes, we all have cell phones and not just land lines and but yes, medicine if far more advanced than ever before. Yes, electronics have produced products that make life that much easier for everyone. Part of the new world of technology involves science parks which date back decades and are now found in every part of the world. We owe them our admiration and respect.

We expect a lot to come out of innovation ecosystems. Let’s take the latest LED magnifying digital flashlight. Pop a battery in and enjoy hours of illumination. Everyone should have one to be sure. Ironically, if you look in the opposite direction, there is a hand cranked flashlight model that harks back to earlier times. While most people have batteries on hand when the current ones are dying and a charging machine is nowhere in sight, we can operate a radio or a flashlight or a generator by hand cranking. These should be part of anyone’s earthquake preparedness kit right there with the bottles of water, blankets, first aid kit, and canned food. Hand-cranked tools and machines were once a genius innovation that kept people out of the dark during a violent storm. Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward. Innovation can last for a very long time. In this case, something simple and practical can be a source of power. We depend on it at every turn. Batteries, our next best friend, can be unreliable and short-lived. Let’s embrace hand-cranking until we think of something better.

Anyone who is caught in the middle of the night with no power feels helpless and stressed. You run in search of the candles and then the missing matches to light their flames. It is a poor solution, but part of any basic survival kit. You attend to matters at hand in a storm, for example, such as a leaking roof or water entering under exterior doors. You have to do this the best you can given your light sources. If only you hand a generator waiting to take over in the garage. But we don’t all live life so well-prepared. Now you can think about all the things you need to handle adversity, one of which is the hand-cranked flashlight. The more options you give yourself during a power outage, so much the better. Don’t say, “it can’t happen,” because it does. Most people in point of fact are not adequately prepared. By now you get the point of this blog and will go out at your earliest convenience to stock up.