The Science Behind Glue

Some scientific innovations will change the world, especially when you consider electronics. Some will help mankind live a better life. It’s as simple as that. Think of crazy glue. It was an improvement that impacted everything from high-tech medical procedures to children’s crafts and even this stuff – designed for holding eyelash extensions to the eye and creating Eyelashes to Die For. Of course, there are a lot more applications of this wonder glue, but what tickles my fancy is the type of adhesive that is used for attaching eyelashes. You would be surprised how many sets of these lashes are sold each year—absolutely millions. They are in department stores, specialty cosmetic shops, and the ubiquitous drugstore. Add them up and it makes for a lucrative market.

The difference between Crazy Glue for medicine and for kids is the degree of toxic chemicals it contains. There are different formulas, some that are declared safe for tots. As for the eyelashes, the glue (always in an easy application tube) must be allergy free. It can’t cause watering of the eyes, redness, or other irritation. It must be gentle but strong. Usually, the glue lasts only a day or two. If it is more secure, no doubt it has special bonding elements. This means perhaps additional chemicals. These products are tested, hopefully not on animals, and have to pass U.S. product safety requirements. Some people won’t have any problem touching Crazy Glue, but some get a reaction, possibly a rash for a couple of days. You would need to apply some soothing oatmeal or cortisone cream. It shouldn’t deter women from using false eyelashes, but one in a hundred may experience a problem.

Ah! The world of science is so comprehensive. There are people in labs working just on improving Crazy Glue. They want to make a product that doesn’t require mixing two ingredients yourself (one is called a catalyst) as it used to be the case. If any got on your fingers, you had to peel the glue off—if you were lucky. It could sit there as a rough spot for a while. It would have to wear off on its own. Things have changed and the glue is so much better. A lot of trial and error in the lab goes on before a new variety hits the market. Then it sells like hotcakes. A whole industry that revolves around glue—imagine that!

Crazy Glue in its many forms can be useful around the house as a basic fix it product. You can mend glass, ceramics, plastics, and wood items. This is not the kind for eyelashes. The household version bonds in thirty seconds thanks to the ingenuity of the scientists. They have given us a pen, a tube, and a gel. They worked hard to make sure that it doesn’t run. The glue started out in the seventies for china and collectibles. It has come a long way baby. People still make holiday wreaths, model trains, and so much more. If you want to get detailed, know that one formula contains ethyl cyanoacrylate. Thus, it is literally a non-toxic, colorless, fast- acting adhesive that can hold up to 2,000 lbs. per square inch.